Graduates 2016

Image of Stewart Escalona Stewart Escalona is a versatile writer and communicator who loves producing savvy and telling content. He is passionate about using words creatively and professionally to inform, inspire, educate, and entertain. As a graduate of the York University Professional Writing program, he has mastered the foundational principles of writing, editing, and publishing. Stewart is continuously striving to grasp and master new skills and is also an avid blogger and social media enthusiast.

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Image of Anastasia Gal Anastasia Gal is a multi-lingual communications specialist with experience in education, content creation and public relations. She completed an internship as a Communications Assistant at the Rotman Research Institute (RRI) at Baycrest after graduating from Centennial’s postgraduate program in Corporate Communications and Public Relations in 2014.

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Image of Manasi Joseph Manasi Joseph is a freelance journalist based in Toronto. She is a graduate of Sheridan’s Journalism- New Media program and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communicative English and Counterculture from Mahatma Gandhi University, India. In addition to writing for online journals, magazines, and college newspapers, Manasi has written scripts for short films, public service announcements, and dramas. She also co-produced and directed a short film called Floating Memories from a Black Sunday and worked on an interactive documentary about mental health caregivers in Canada.

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Image of Kevin Manning Kevin Manning is a student and writer. Born and raised in rural Ontario, Kevin earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, where he decided to transform his love of writing into a career. He then completed an internship in Szczecin, Poland, where he contributed to the city’s official blog and to a published tourist guide. Kevin works part time as a report writer for a health services agency, matching clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries with social workers. In his free time, Kevin enjoys photography, taking walks in unfamiliar areas, and catching up on television.

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Image of Simon Marsello Simon Marsello is a writer and communications student residing in Toronto, Ontario. In 2013, he graduated from McMaster University’s interdisciplinary Arts & Science program with a BASc. While at McMaster, he served as a copy editor of the McMaster Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences, was a music columnist for the McMaster Silhouette, and wrote short fiction for Incite Magazine. More recently, he joined the staff of Quidditch Canada, where he provides coverage and analysis of a rapidly growing competitive sport. He likes baseball, grammar, and oversized sandwiches.

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Image of Sayyeda Masood Sayyeda Masood is a versatile communications professional based in Toronto, Ontario and an alumna of University of Toronto’s Faculty of Arts and Science. Sayyeda’s professional portfolio includes a diverse range of communications content encompassing technical writing, web copywriting, information design, and data visualization for print and virtual platforms—and more. She has worked for University of Toronto’s “New College Window” and continues to be inspired by creativity and emerging media.

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Image of Priyanka Mehta Priyanka Mehta is a communications professional. After completing her undergraduate degree in journalism, she crossed over to the dark side of public relations. She studied Corporate Communications at Sheridan College and interned at the Mississauga Arts Council. Priyanka has written news reports and press releases, designed fact sheets and PSAs, and created strategic communications plans. She is passionate about social justice, arts and culture, graphic design, and Doctor Who.

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Image of Jodi Millington Jodi Millington is a writer who is fascinated by stories, quirky quotes, and casual conversations over tea. Jodi’s background includes Tourism and Travel and Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resources. In the past, Jodi has combined her tourism background with human resources to work as a volunteer manager for a local anime convention. At anime conventions, she has worked as a panelist, discussing topics such as world building techniques and bad writing. In the future, Jodi hopes to combine her love of writing with fantastical stories, event planning, and geek culture.

See Jodi’s portfolio here.

Image of Rebecca Ong Rebecca Ong is a creative writer who believes in the power of language. She has completed her BA in English Literature and Psychology at the University of Toronto, and has combined these fields to tutor children in learning-enrichment programs in her Scarborough community. Rebecca dedicated her time on campus as an English-conversation partner and facilitator to international students. She continues to explore the human condition through her post-modern poetry while expanding her horizons as a professional writer. Rebecca hopes to bring about practical change in the world through her writing.

See Rebecca’s portfolio here.

Image of Holly Penick Holly Penick can’t help but learn new skills. She brings her intuitive ability to simplify complex information and broad range of writing expertise to everything she does. A graduate of the English and Professional Writing degree program at York University, she has experience in areas such as copyediting, writing proposals, and analyzing literature. While at York, Holly edited, designed and published Junction Book, a 1950s murder mystery set in Toronto’s Junction, with Leaping Lion Books, and worked as a section editor for Arbitrage Magazine, copyediting articles about business news and trends.

See Holly’s portfolio here.

Image of Shagufta Sadique Shagufta Sadique is a communications expert residing in Toronto, Ontario. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Toronto in Psychology and Health Studies and has earned her diploma from the Assaulted Women’s and Children’s Counselor/Advocate program at George Brown College. Shagufta has worked with the Scarborough Women’s Centre as a peer educator and workshop developer. She continues to use her skills in counselling and conflict resolution to facilitate social change in her community.

See Shagufta’s portfolio here.

Image of Anuraag Seshadri Anuraag Seshadri has worked with Amazon Kindle for three years as a content quality associate. With a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Anuraag was always keen to have a career in the field of writing and content creation. He is a blogger and a freelance writer, and has experience in technical writing and content development. In his spare time, Anuraag likes to read, and is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He blogs at Tumblr and WordPress. He likes to watch and discuss movies and TV shows.

See Anuraag’s portfolio here.

Image of Isaac Thornley Isaac Thornley is a writer looking to use writing and communications to effect social change. He studied History, Philosophy, and Sexual Diversity studies at the University of Toronto, and has interests in gender and sexuality, science and technology, and environmental justice. He has edited, and contributed to, several U of T publications such as the newspaper, The Strand, and HERE. Those experiences, in addition to Isaac’s work as the social media coordinator for a top Toronto real estate agent, served to uncover his passion for using communications to learn, teach, and make a positive social impact. In his spare time, Isaac enjoys funk guitar, slap bass, soul music, food, and great conversation.

See Isaac’s portfolio here.

Image of Jordan Wall Jordan Wall is a bilingual freelance writer. He has spent the last seven years as a social media strategist and content specialist for nationwide companies such as Kobo, Koodo Mobile, and Scotiabank. Jordan is a social media Jedi, cultivating online communities of over 200,000 followers by creating focused, engaging, and shareable content. His outgoing nature has led him to life-affirming volunteer positions with the University of Toronto’s Refugee Alliance and Parkinson’s Society. He enjoys surviving marathon runs for charity, rummaging in attics for vinyl records, and blogging about basketball in hopes that it will nab him a GM position with the Raptors.

See Jordan’s portfolio here.

Image of Catalina Zuleta Catalina Zuleta is an experienced communications professional comfortable working in English, French, and Spanish. She holds an Honours Bachelors of Arts degree in Philosophy and French Literature from the University of Toronto and a Graduate Certificate in Communications-Professional Writing from Centennial College. Catalina’s portfolio includes a variety of writing styles such as technical writing, web copywriting, creative writing, journalism pieces, and more. In addition to her writing skills, she is a self-taught photographer with a particular interest in digital storytelling. Her aim is to combine images with the written word to explore, push the boundaries of, and create new forms of content.

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